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With a focus on empowering others, Chef Shac has developed a range of services and offerings designed to engage, uplift, educate, strengthen, and of course entertain the community.


Throughout the year, Chef Shac partners with various community-based and non-profit organizations, civic groups, government agencies, and businesses to provide specialized experiences for diverse audiences.


Partnering with Chef Shac or taking advantage of the array of services offered under the Chef Shac LLC umbrella are literally just an email away. Contact us today and partner with us as we endeavor to "Keep Life Flavorful!"



Phone:  850-205-1234


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Chef Shac's North Florida Culinary Incubator was founded with a mission to help aspiring restaurant owners, caterers, etc., receive cutting edge educational training and have a space to practice their skills.

As a "Celebrity/Life Chef,"Chef Shac makes weekly television appearances on CBS affiliate WCTV's local news morning show in Tallahassee, Fla. Also, as the owner of Chef Shac LLC, she provides exclusive food preparation, catering, consulting, health and wellness workshops, and oversees several educational initiatives.

Chef Shac's main focus is empowerment. And now her widely growing "Empowered By Food" program continues to expand. The program teaches people to take ownership of their eating experiences, educates them on healthy eating habits, shows people how to combat obesity, eat affordably and learn various ways to support local farmers/growers.

As a classically trained chef, Chef Shac offers full-service catering, meal replacement planning, personal chef services, food demonstrations, and consulting. The Chef Shac team truly gives everyone she serves a "flavorful experience."

Send your senses into overload as you experience art of every form: culinary, visual, performing, musical and the art of cooking. This experience will tease and tantalize all of your senses and leave you ready for more! Spend an evening with Chef Shac and her team with a four-course meal prepared with locally sourced ingredients, and paired with delicious wines and/or custom beverages, that will send your taste buds soaring while soulful sounds feel your ears and beautiful art pleases your eyes. And the touch... well, You'll feel it all over!

From Mango Basil Tea to Mojito Limeade to Berry Lemonade, Chef Shac has created a custom beverage line that is sure to make your senses explode. There is nothing more refreshing than a cold drink with a sweet taste, and healthy ingredients. Popular among patrons of all ages, Chef Shac's beverage creations  are sure to quench your thirst and keep you coming back for more. 

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