A Soulful Fusion Where Food, Art & Music Meet!



A Soulful Fusion: Where Food, Art & Music Meet!

Join Food Network Chopped Champion, Chef Shac, as she celebrates art in all its forms!

Chef Shac Sensory Experience

This Valentine's Day, Chef Shac will romance your palette with a delectable dining with hand-crafted 4 course meal and a curated wine selection while listening to soulful sounds, and observing a lavish live painting performance. All of your senses will be engaged in a romantic, one-of-a-kind Sensory Experience that is certain to please any audience.

Chef Shac has made this flavorful experience available to you nightly at 7:00pm to fit in your schedule over the course of two days starting Feb 14th at the Elle Belle Photography Studio located at:

2708 Power Mill Court, Suite A,
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Come share in The Sensory Experience, and bring someone one you want to share this moment with!

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