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"We really want to bring attention to the beauty of creating food and creating
a meal."
- Chef Shac
 (Tallahassee Democrat)
"Chef, caterer and culinary educator is dedicated to using locally sourced ingredients and to teaching people why it’s important to know where your food comes from."
-Visit Florida
"Chef Shac is always cooking up something delicious."
- The Frenchtown  
Farmers Market


Phone:  850-205-1234


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When you think of empowerment, food is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But just a few minutes with the nationally renowned Chef Shac will certainly change your mind. "Food can lift the spirit," Chef Shac says. "It is  not only health for your body, but it can open your mind and life to endless possibilities, and allow you to experience and taste the world as God intended it."

Chef Shac truly believes that health and wealth are intricately woven in the food choices we make every day. Therefore, her desire is to teach people to take ownership of their relationship with food. Through access, information, demonstration, and education, Chef Shac is empowering communities one delicious morsel at a time! Her motto in food and life is to always “Keep it flavorful!”




Chef Shac, aka The Life Chef, is the owner and culinary architect of Chef Shac LLC, which is the parent company for Empowered by Food, The North Florida Culinary Incubator, Chef Shac Catering, Life Chef, and The Sensory Experience. Holding degrees in Culinary Arts and Pastry and Confectionery she has now been preparing culinary masterpieces for over 36 years -- 15 of which have been in a professional capacity.


Building on the foundation of love and compassion that was laid by the matriarchs of her family, Chef Shac is on a mission to see her community truly empowered through food.


Chef Shac is an advocate and lover of food, its history, its benefits, as well as the plight of  local farmers and communities who suffer from food deserts and other food access inequalities. She is on a mission to educate communities and individuals alike to take ownership of their relationship with food in an effort to positively impact their health, wealth, and overall well-being.  


Her professional career as a Chef has afforded her the ability to lend her expertise to universities, governments, corporations, politicians, celebrities, professionally trained athletes, and children as the current culinary instructor of AMI Kids in Tallahassee. Notably, she recently had the opportunity to appear on Food Network's Chopped, and after 3 rounds of competing against three other highly-regarded chefs, she was named the Champion!

She is a highly sought-after consultant on food preparation and diet, and recently designed meal and food planning programs for award-winning athletes that competed in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.



Chef K's passion for food is as beautiful as her bright smile. From delivering gourmet meals to catering your next big event, Chef K is a creative genius in the kitchen and has an amazing talent for pairing and blending the perfect flavors to create dishes that feel good, taste good, look good, and that are good for you!


Chef K's years of experience in the kitchen and her expertise in Southern hospitality make her the perfect fit for the Chef Shac LLC family. As the Catering Manger for our brand, Chef K represents us well with a reputation for culinary excellence.

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